Thinking about joining a fun-filled active day at Funkey Kids? Before you do, check out some of our testimonials from kids and parents!

“This is the second year that as an elementary school we have invited Funkey Kids to assist in promoting physical fitness and well being among our younger students. Families are most happy to have this additional opportunity on site and students look forward to the weekly challenges and fun. Students are able to demonstrate creativity in movement in a safe and risk free environment and we find that they return to classes energized and ready to learn. Funkey Kids staff is professional, structured and flexible with any requests (ie: timetabling/spacing, etc). A great community partner!” – Olga S.

“As an elementary school principal, physical literacy is of the utmost importance to me as good physical health leads to greater academic achievement. Knowing this, I heard about the Funkey Kids program and enrolled my son. Not only did he have fun, but his balance and gross motor skills became sharper. So, when my school board partnered with Funkey Kids, I was the first to register my school and was thrilled to offer it.

The 30 minutes of activity at lunch with Funkey Kids gets kids moving and improves their attention in class in the afternoon. The teachers are elated with how much work they can get done after each weekly session. The students enjoy the circuit and games, and especially the instructors. I highly recommend this programme to any school. Funkey Kids does all the work (i.e. handles all the registrations, sets up and cleans up each week, etc.) and the school reaps all the benefits!” – Denise F.

My two children have both loved Funkey Kids – starting as early as 18 months and right into their preschool years. It has helped them improve their fine and gross motor skills, while providing a fun, engaging activity. They always look forward to going to Funkey Kids! We really like that Funkey Kids is not specific to one sport, rather it encompasses all sports and teaches children how to move and use their bodies. I love watching them learn and grow as they challenge their new found abilities. – H. Hartmann.

“Miss. Cynthia is an amazing teacher! My son loves going every week with his grandpa! The space is a little small but the class sizes are too! – Lana B.

“For the first time in a long time I look forward to PD Days and March Break and so do my kids! My kids (5 & 3) love the diversity of Funkey Kids camp, it has a little of everything ~ gymnastics, sports, crafts, music & lots of fun! – Jenn C.

“I have done this program with my 2 daughters since they were 1 – they are now 4 and 3 – both LOVE going every week and even play “Funkey Kids” at home setting up circuits and doing their exercises!! They love learning the sports and look forward to it every week. The staff is amazing and the girls love them!! I love that they are learning healthy habits and the important of physical activity and healthy food!! – Katy C.